Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yet another colon lesson

The favourite entertainment of bus trips here are blaringly loud action movies, but a close 2nd is the vendedor naturales... Salespeople that come on to give a informative yet scary lesson on the bugs and worms (complete with pics) that we carry in our intestines.

To their credit most are exceptional speakers and salespeople..they could probably give quite a few pointers to us all. They also actually are very informative, and give some good diet advice that with all the fried food eaten here is a good thing.

After the lesson the plants and products that will clean our colons (oh and help with our prostates and cancerous cells) come out- una de gato, boldo, paila. Usually it's a powdered mix of some sort that you mix with juice or water.

I've never tried them, partly because i'm not to keen to spend much of my morning on the loo cleaning out my colon, but people next to me use it and are buying it in the special 'on bus' special promotion.

I just wish my dad was here to question them...being a food scientist he loves these types if discussions


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