Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Culture kaleidoscope

On thursday i left a carribean port town to go to nyc. What i hadn't expected was to land in a spanish neighbourhood in queens, complete with colombian panaderia's (bakerys), taco street vendors, notaria's (legal offices) and spanish spoken in most stores and on the street.

Two blocks down it turned into little india; in one fell swoop the people, language, stores and atmosphere changed. Then came the philipino neighbourhood. It sort of wowed me and freaked me out a bit too.

then up the road in flushing, something like a hong kong with large electronic billboards, a line of bubble tea shops, asian clothing and knick knack stores.

Manhattan was a total change, suddenly 'the' nyc, complete with movie stars, models, upscale grocery stores, jazz clubs and people out everywhere in droves.

On sat i left nyc, had a quick stopover in london, then ended up in bahrain, who had just had the formula one grand prix. The people changed again, arabs in full white dress were intermingled with sports clad tourists, there seemed to be the odd grand prix girl, and i got to hold a bird in the departures lounge.

My flight to delhi had a lot more Indians, and now waiting for another connecting flight after 20 hrs of culture kaleidoscopes, i'm looking forward to finding somewhere to sleep when i arrive in Kathmandu.

On the plane to Kathmandu the people changed again to be more asian looking... Perhaps that's why i am feeling somehow more at home again.

Now...i've made it ti ktm...it feels good to be back.

Isn't it amazing that we can experience..i am continually wowed by the people of the world.

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