who is FatMeercat...

The name - chasing serendipity - and tagline of evolutionary travel is part of my journey to feel my way through life, to chase and be guided but ultimately let things evolve as they should. The serendipity part is because it is my favourite concept and word - unexpected joy is what life should be filled with.

what happened to get me where I am...
In early 2010 living in Manchester and London in the UK I started having an inkling that I somehow was missing something from my life. In typical fashion I thought travelling would be the answer - and no, I was not running away (I don't think!) but rather what I wanted to explore within myself was something I needed to do while being dynamic, active, exploring different cultures and places, and meeting more people in the world.

So I literally packed my old life in to 5 boxes, shipped these from the UK to my parent's garage in Brisbane, Australia, and set out to meet an old school friend in Argentina - well just because we thought it would be fun to go on holidays together and that's where she had planned to go for vacation. Somehow South America made sense - I wanted to trek my heart out, get relatively fluent in Spanish and see varied landscapes.

Since arriving in Buenos AIres in November 2010, I went with my backpack to Ushuaia and Antarctica, then travelled in a car with another traveller through Patagonia, and then near Mendoza, Argentina met a Colombian travelling on a motorbike. This sparked an idea - why not use 2 wheels to get to those out of way places, travel slow and really get to know South America? So, I learnt how to ride a bike (and do basic mechanics) in Santiago in Chile, then rode the bike solo from Chile back into Argentina and haven't looked back!

This blog started out as a bit of a monthly highlights snapshot, but like my travel it is doing its own bit of evolving as well. We'll see where it goes - perhaps it will become something of it's own, or perhaps it will stay as a bit of a travel diary. However it evolves is what it's about - as long as it is serendipitous!

Please feel free to comment on posts or give any suggestions for what you want to hear more of...

About to get into one of the great reasons for living - eating! (Santa Cruz, August 2011)

On the road from Laguna Colorada in the Bolivian Altiplano (June 2011)