Monday, April 9, 2012

i share therefore i am

provoking talk by Sherry Turkle on ted about how we reach out for technology to deal with loneliness, of feeling alone and separated in the world. it's like we think, as long as we're connected (but not necessarily connecting), we're not alone. she also talks about how it appeals to us as we can control who we want to be online - we edit, delete, adjust so that it is just right as to how we want to be perceived.

i often think about this as I spend a fair amount of time on facebook - not necessarily 'sharing' but more nosing into the lives of friends to feel like I have some connection even though I've been away for so long. i can definitely say that somehow it's empty - you know, or have a little bit of a taster into what might be happening, but it sure doesn't beat an afternoon of chatting or sharing a bottle of wine:)

i hope that I managed to stay unsucked from expecting more from technology than I expect from myself or from others...

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