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Nearly every day I meet other travellers that inspire me in how they travel, where they've been, the pictures they've taken, what they've experienced and more. I'll sometimes mention them in my posts, but to keep it clean here's a bit of a splurge about them all with links to their blogs. Some post regularly, others not... but all inspirational!

+ backpack...

Kerstin - Kerstin and I chased each other around the circuit, then joined forces to trek the Annapurna Sanctuary together in Nepal. I've not found someone who is as tenacious as me at keeping a hiking pace - so we made an awesome pair! She is like my Nepalese (well German) sister - we hung out drinking copious cafe lattes and eating apple muffins across Pokara and Kathmandu with all sorts of life musings. She is setting in Kathmandu so an interesting read on expat living!

babyatom - I worked with Ben at BusinessLink in Northern England. He's a very funny guy with an awesome dry sense of humor. He writes beautifully about the exciting and not so exciting realms of life - and especially about his 2 (soon to be 3) children. Although not so much a travel blog, it's a wonderful insight into his world out in the Lakes District (with forays into France) in England. Oh and he also has some very cute cartoon-esque stuff.

Mark and Bridget - Mark and Bridget!: We serendipitously bumped into each other in San Pedro in Chile, and have since met up a couple of times in Bolivia. Great food, great banter and great times! Mark and Bridget have been travelling since March 2009 across the whole world. Yes indeed! Mark takes some pretty kick ass pics so make sure to head to their picasaweb page to see some beautiful sights.

(entre paréntesis) - Matt and Yasmine decided to swap their lives in Paris as IT consultants, for something different in Santiago in Chile. I was there for their decision to stay in Santiago (it was either there or Buenos Aires) and we had some wonderful times cooking up well lots of things and exploring around Santiago together. They have a pretty extensive and fantastic blog that details their conversion into Chilenos!

Terrasaire - Rick and I met in Ushuaia (well technically in the women's bathroom at a bus stop on the way to) and convinced each other to make the wonderful adventure to Antarctica together.

Jim in the Jungle -One of my old travel buddies from Nepal, James has been in Borneo working as a volunteer in July / August 2011. Very fascinating insight into living within a remote and very culturally different community.


+ bicycles...

Julie and Jerome - Diego and I going 2 up over the Andes paced Jerome and Julie on their bikes. They are doing a pretty express world cycling trip and have pics to inspire you to get on yer bike!

leap. - Evan rode his bicycle from Santiago in Chile to Ushuaia (I met him in El Bolson), and then headed up to Cordoba for some intensive Spanish!

+ motorbikes...

JP & Lou's Adventure - We met online:) through the HUBB forum (one of the best resources a biker has) as Jono and Lou were preparing to come to South America. Although we've not met in person, I feel like I've been along for their ride since the beginning!

Dopey - Geoff rocks. We chanced upon him as he rolled up to his hostel in Arica. He's Australian (well originally a Brit), and his riding a KLR up through South America over about 5 months. While waiting for mines to be cleared from the Chile / Peru border, we chit chatted and laughed our way through copious Pisco Sours, wandering our way through the dirty black sandy beaches, impromptu computer lessons;), tasty ‘huevos revueltos’ breakfasts, and of course the milling around the bikes.

Panamerica - Josua is one crazy Austrian mofo who is travelling the Panamerica from North to South (with a fair few deviations). I met him in Cusco via my friend Paul Stevenson who had encountered him in the Colca Canyon. What can I say, this guy is awesome. And he blogs like no-one else with thousands of piccies. Can't wait to see him again wherever in the world - but perhaps for schnitzel in Austria!

Fred on Tour - I also met Fred on the remote pass - he has been going since 2005 around the world. Together along with Philipe and Kurt, we rode the Altiplano in Bolivia!

Mr Churchill Goes South - I met Philipe on a remote pass between Argentina and Chile - and what's even cooler is that Philipe rides a sidecar! I think the root for much of his enjoyment and hassle in his travels.

Pabst & Probst i Sydamerika - Jonas and Anne are young Danish riders that I met in Sucre. I say young as it's not all that frequent that you meet mid 20y/o's travelling on bikes around South America.

Alaska to Argentina on a motorbike - Mark was the first biker I met - back when I didn't know I wanted to ride! As per the headline - he did Alaska to Ushuaia (yes top to bottom of the Americas) on his bike! Now he's conquering Africa...

Gelande/Strasse Travels - David unfortunately had had a run in with a truck in the Altiplano and so when we met in San Pedro he was on crutches.

+ cars...

Heute Blau & Morgen Blau - Definitely one of the most loaded up (with sports equipment that is) campers I saw travelling, I actually met Arnim and Jutta in the Ushuaia campground just before we both set off to Antarctica.

Die Zottis unterwegs in Südamerika! - Clemens and Kristina are travelling in their Landcruiser around South America - I met them in Samaipata, and sent them on their merry way to sample the awesome wineries around Cafayate and Mendoza in Argentina!

Eentdeckungsreises Jimdo - Also travelling in their camper, Wera and Friso are conquering South America over 1 year and we met around a campfire in Samaipata.

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