Thursday, March 8, 2012

tasty bbq anticucho (beef heart)

my anticucho getting bbq'd up

it's great being back in the culinary delights of Peru. tonight I picked up some anticucho - it is bbq'ed beef heart that is oooh sooo tasty. The smell of those grilling up on the street is enough perhaps to even make a serious veggie reconsider:)

and I'm gonna need the energy! In the morning  I'm off to attempt the summit of Cerro Vallunaraju (5686m). We hike to the base camp in the morning, checking out a high altitude Lago Lluta in the afternoon, and then at 2am Friday morning, we start the ascent. It's my first ascent with crampons so I'm excited! I had planned to do another trek but this opportunity came up. Perhaps on the way back I'll tack on the other trek depending on how I'm feeling. Lets hope the clouds open up and reward us with beautiful views across the Cordillera Blanca.

so back to dinner... here's what I had - and all for $1

starting with CANCHA - roasted salted corn kernels

followed by the anticucho with potatoes and salad

ps... this is where I'm off to tomorrow!

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