Thursday, March 22, 2012

first impressions of Ecuador

So these might be a little biased as I've only been to Vilcabamba (think where half the American hippies have relocated to) and Cuenca (a beautiful, colonial city also filled with many expats), but so far this is what's passed through my mind
  • it's super green here. instead of the extremes of Peru, i now am enjoying softer rolling, lush green valleys that seem to go on and on past gushing brown rivers (from the rain), pastoral lands and in and out of the low lying cloud
  • people look different - their faces are perhaps rounder, but more beautiful. the women also have very long flowing hair - and many that i've seen wear it loose instead of braided as I saw more in Peru
  • it is so westernised! very easy living as such. in Vilcabamba, you can even buy VEGAN food :)
  • it's super clean (well Cuenca is), because...
  • they collect garbage 3 times a week in Cuenca - rubbish AND recyclables
  • there are also signs NOT to throw rubbish - including from the bus where they have plastic bags to collect said rubbish!
  • yes. Rubbish is a big thing for me as you can tell.
  • there's a running path next to the river?! in Cuenca. what the?
  • and people are exercising!
  • there's ice cream shops all over town in Cuenca, including chocolate shops, restaurants of all kinds, heaps of biscuit shops and german bakeries. bad bad news for susan.
  • the central market in Cuenca has ESCALATORS! again, what the?

  • they use the US dollar.
  • it's about 30-50% more expensive than Peru
  • there are lot of foreign brands - especially in Chocolate:) LIke Ferrero!

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