Saturday, December 31, 2011

Frohe Weihnachten aus Wien!

Xmas lights in the innerstadt, Wien

after 3 weeks getting to see Wien lit up with its beautiful xmas lights, dressing my first real xmas tree (it was HUGE!) and being treated to wonderful meals from Philipe's mum, I'm finally rolling myself out of town, and continent, on my way to the next foodie destination, New Orleans!

celebrating xmas here was very different from those in Australia or my orphans xmas in Buenos Aires last year... the traditions, the cold weather, the beautiful lights, the food and Philipe's welcoming family and friends all made it a wonderful time. Austria is somehow different - the people are very proud of being Austrian (ahem. and not German), when you walk into a cafe, the entire room says hello (perhaps this was more so out of Wien), and there's little words such as auf wiederschau'n instead of the german wiedersehen and gruss gott for greeting people that somehow make you feel proud being in Austria.

as well as being a tourist, I also got to revel in relaxing in one spot and to be treated like one of the family - Gerlinde - Philipe's mum as well as seemingly continually cooking up big yummy meals was very welcoming, and the having comforts of a wonderful house was a total treat. I don't think I've ever eaten as much lebkuchen, kekse, kuchen, beef, ham, pork, duck, crusty bread roles, salami, and oh.. joy o fjoys.. espresso's ever!

Philipe with his adorable mum Gerlinde and brother, Andreas

some of the memories that made it so wonderful
  • xmas markets - on the first day going to Schonbrunn and eating a pretzel! with Wibke, Ronald, Stefen and Philipe, others in Wolfgangsee (near Salzburg), in the Rathausplatz, also even in the local village - Perchtoldsdorf
  • getting the first real xmas tree - and dressing it on xmas eve morning complete with CANDLES and glass baubles (kugel)
  • attending Bach's Oratorium in Steffansdorm (thank you to Philipe's mum for the treat!)
  • waking up to a white morning in Wolfgangsee
  • being able to have good coffee every morning, afternoon, evening
  • hanging out at the house with Philipe and Gerlinde, preparing and wrapping presents, cooking
  • being treated to endless traditional Austrian dishes from Gerlinde, a Moroccan inspired banquet from Johanna, and home baked xmas cookies from Wibke and Christina
  • going for morning runs in Perchtoldsdorf... through vinyards, forests and all 10mins from the house
  • meeting Philipe's friends - especially Peter and Karin and our night in the very picturesque Modling
  • visiting Hundretwasserhaus and KunsthausWien. The organic forms inspired me as to the power of architecture
  • seeing all the beautiful lights in the centre of Wien
  • seeing a saxaphone quartert busking ... fantastic, young players
ok... i want to rush to get my next post up on the happiness I'm feeling being in Miami, so will leave the post with some pics:)

The xmas market in Wolfgangsee.. so picturesque
Xmas eve dinner
The xmas tree in finished glory!
Getting dressed up
Getting it secured into it's stand... it was so tall and proud - yet so amenable to being bent and holding up baubles
Inpromptu saxaphone concert
Yes - the vinyards I ran through on my morning run.. and the view to Perchtoldsdorf
People playing Eisstockschiesel outside the museum
First day,, first pretzel, first xmas market

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