Saturday, December 31, 2011

sunrise in Wien, sunset in Miami...

The way layovers should be... at South Beach, Florida
today's been pretty cool - waking up at 4.15am in the cold dark of Wien, seeing sunrise running between planes in Dusseldorf airport, missing our connection to New Orleans and being treated to the sunset on Lummus Beach in South Beach Miami, and hopefully making it to sleep in New Orleans on our 11pm flight!

Lummus Beach, South Beach Miami
Getting re-energized and in our beach attire...

Only in Miami... diet pills, energizers, warming magnum condoms, performance enhancers - and all to be had in the 7 Eleven

being in Miami is awesome - i'm reminded how much I've fallen in love with america !! each time I come I seem to be surprised then more enamored with how nice and enthusiastic people are here. you smile at them, they smile back at you, you joke around, they joke back. Not like the slightly colder european attitude... 

it's definitely party time here... perhaps being one day before NYE is partly to blame, but I get the feeling that it's just that sort of place of endless summer.

an absolute treat to be here instead of waiting out the 6 hours in the airport! oh, and the sushi. and beer. oh and oh and .... just happy:)

This is traveling happiness - not quite on the beach but things that make me SMILE

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