Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comida de Bolivia (food of Bolivia)

It's been a while since I posted on food - and as I've now left Bolivia never to return until I get a new passport - here's a taste of my 3 months there...

Bolivia being poorer than its surrounding neighbours has less finessed food - but also much more authentic, natural, unprocessed and yes fried goodness. People eat very basically - mostly rice, a bit of salad, perhaps some meat if they can afford it. Main meals are eaten at lunchtime and sometimes only consists of a meat based soup. Lots of corn is also eaten, as well as tofu as a substitute for meat.

I've split up the piccies according to the type - some of the best meals I had were Sopa de Mani (peanut soup) from markets, oh yes, salchipapas (potato chips and sausage) from street vendors and when I got to lago titicaca, some fish finally!

Snackfood and drinks

I think my favourite snack food:) Salchipapas - potato and sausage. And for 3 bol (about 50c)

Coconut for drinking - that I smashed open then started eating.

Refresco - with durazno Peach the bottom. Usually served with lunch.

Ground peanut used for making Chicha - fermented drink found all across South America and drunk from  pre Inca times
Serving up Chicha at the market - see you have Chicha de Quinoa as well 


Altiplano papas / potatoes

Wonderful lady at the market in Potosi -this is the supermarket

Local food - often at markets

Rice and cheese (disgusting...), potatoes and meatballs (yum)


Saiz - rice and minced meat and potatoes with refresco (also had soup to start) About 7 Bol / $1

Oh yes. a half a chicken with mountains of rice, fideo(pasta) and chips

The most tasty and creamy Sopa de Mani I had (peanut soup) First course of lunch for 10Bol / $2

Food at home

Yuka - eaten all across South America. Grows in a tall tree and you eat the roots

Often you mash it up to make masako - adding in a bit of meat or cheese and pan frying the patties

Chicken plucked and ready to skin

The kitchen of an average family in Bolivia - cooking over coals, dirt floor and water carried in buckets

Protein packed breakfast - only for paying customers. Potato, egg, steak

More typical breakfast/lunch - rice, salad just season with salt but very tasty, plantain (banana)

Posh food

Ceviche in the front with a salad buffet (35Bol / $5)

Massive vege pancake with fresh seeded bread at the organic farm La Vispera in Samaipata

Baked trout in red wine with vegetables, fresh bread on Isla Del Sol (40Bol / $7 )

Bolivan take on Argentinean Parilla - for 2 ppl to share 60 Bol / $9

Steak....mmmmm.... 40Bol / $6


  1. Just saw this fine food!

    I just have to get some food in Puno/Peru. I am very hungry after this pics,


  2. well bolivia wasn't really a gastronomic highlight... not compared with Peru. Just wait till I post on the food in Arequpa and Cusco!