Friday, September 30, 2011

lago titcaca paradise

and paradise it certainly is! After being welcomed by the glinting deep blue azure water of the world's highest navigatable lake at 3800m, I was further treated to bright sunny days, amazing cloud formations, pre-inca terraces and temples, tasty trucha (trout) and some of my most tranquil days for a long time.

Isla del Sol

Copacabana sits just 8kms from the Peru/Bolivia border and although I had outstayed my visa, I couldn't resist enjoying the town with it's colourful car blessings, church services that were broadcast on loudspeaker, trout and kingfish on every market stand and restaurant, and gorgeous bay setting.

Cars lining up outside the cathedral in Copa to be blessed

Cerro Santa Barbara in Copa - with offerings to Pachamama

Even more luring was the Isla del Sol, the island which the Incas and local indigenous believed was the birthplace of the sun and first Incas. I ended up on the Isla for 3 days; hiking north to south and around the bays, getting up pre sunrise to be treated to a magical morning, having quiet candlelit dinners after a glorious sunset, getting taken back to Australia with the scent of eucalyptus and learning about the local Aymara people and traditions. I also had loads of time to think, ponder where my travels were taking me and finally start reading a book in Spanish (Paulo Coelho's Once Minutos).

I don't think I can quite describe the wonderful experiences I had, so I'm going to revert to some pictures to relay the gloriousness of it all.

Northern part of Isla del Sol
Ruins of Chincana
Pre inca terraces - still used today

Before sunrise...
The quality of light just before sunrise was stunning - looking back to the mainland

Ending with this glorious sunrise

Let's go fly a kite... up to the ...
I left Copa this morning, sad to leave the enigmatic owner of the hostal Mery - who I had great chats about Bolivian politics with, learnt about local remedies and mused about travelling. Crossing the border was surprisingly pain free - the Bolivian officials actually reduced! the overstaying visa fine and kindly ignored that I had actually overstayed my visa much more because I had previously been in Bolivia. The Peruvian officals were not quite as simpatico - but after trying to get a bribe for the fact I didn't have an international drivers licence (not that I need one!) shooed me out the door.

So now I'm in Puno - and had the BEST shower in 3 months... NO electric shower head meaning LOADS of hot hot water, decent pressure and.... da dah! a shower curtain! It was divine. Off to perhaps try the local speciality of guinea pig?? or perhpas not... but. Lago Titicaca, thank you! a most idyllic end to a wonderful 3 (ahem 3.5) months in Bolivia.

Hello Peru!

Romantic dinner of trucha for one
Looking towards the township of Yumani
Sooo cute! This little donkey hadn't quite got the hang of it's long legs yet

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