Monday, August 29, 2011

you better believe it - moon boots :)

Oh yes - I've got new moon boots! The kind that you feel invincible in; I can go anywhere, do anything and my feet and ankles will not end up looking like this:

While in Santa Cruz I changed my front and back sprockets and chain to boot. 
I went from some very fine teeth on my front to...
Nice healthy teeth and a new beefed up chain!

As well as getting my pannier frames welded back onto the bike

And yes I don't always play helpless female. This is just giving my rear axle a clean before putting the brake in

Tomorrow is bye bye santa cruz - and all your crazy traffic and sweltering heat.

Philipe creating his own lane - the sidecar is just that little bit too big that it can't weave his way like the bikes

Tire anyone?
But before we leave, I think I need some of this :) You never know, I may NEVER get to eat sushi again! So better stock up now:)

Next stop - Jesuit Missions north of Santa Cruz, then up to Trinidad to delve our way into the Amazon...

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