Monday, August 15, 2011

Land before time country - and the itchy and scratchy show

I've often had the thought while on the bike in southern Bolivia - that
this is dinosaur / land before time type of country. It's something
about the scale of rolling valleys and high planes, the jurassic rocks
jutting out of mossy green shrub (well what I imagine 'jurassic' to be),
the empty open spaces. Even though there's some fencelines, and a dirt
track, the expanse somehow takes me to another time.

Especially with the lowering afternoon sun throwing shadows far into the
distance - that kind of light just heightens the feeling of lost time.
Tonight in Vallegrande - the town where Che was brought after his
execution - in 1997 a local admitted that he was buried under the
airstrip and he was exhumed and buried in Cuba.

And now for the itchy and scratchy show... somehow we got lots of bites
at a campsite 2 nights ago... the kind that seem to lie low, and then
strike with an extreme attack of itchieness. So now i can't keep my
hands and nails off them. it sounds somehow like a b grade porn show -
the sounds that are coming from the corner of the room as I
scratch....but i tell you the joy of scratching the hell out of these
bites -especially around my ankles... is totally worth it...
and now back to the scratching....

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