Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not just what... some musings also

I'm going to start dropping in some other musings on the trip, instead of just the what I did and who I met. After all this trip is also about moving through the world at a slower pace, and to muse and contemplate along the way.

Yesterday I got hit with a weird headachey, fluey type thing, so spent the better part of the afternoon crashed out on the couch and later in the hammock outside. Later on in the night I did a bit of re-reading of passages from Erich Fromm's “To have or to be”, a book that my dad gave to me. It's a bit too deep to jump into right now, but how it relates to me at this moment, is about how I can tune into things that truly 'activates' me and letting that guide the next step of my travel. I had been feeling a little flat that I hadn't been making 'progress'; progress on working out my life, revealing layers of myself etc. I realised though that progress is not necessarily linear, nor is it about always building on something existing. If the intention is to delve within, to open myself up to new experiences and feelings, embrace these and to then let them go, then progress can be in various forms. My time at the yoga park was not all revealing, but nor did it have to be. One thing I have strongly realised is that at this time, I do not want to be in the city. I want to be in the mountains, walking, feeling my body take me through these places. So with this in mind I'm looking at getting down to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego for new years at the end of the earth. BA has been fun, and xmas with the party gang here will be fun, but for me, I need to move on.

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