Sunday, December 19, 2010

eco / hare krishna escapades

The wind is kicking up, the heat of the day has evaporated and there's definitely a storm afoot.... the days have drifted somewhat into a flow of hot mornings in the garden refining my hoe-ing skills, the afternoons into a series of visits to the peach and mulberry trees and constant eating of food, and escape trips to the local town for internet, wanders up the road to the shop and evening runs through the fields. Life here is scarily merging into a flow of just well moments; today we thought about heading into town for a chant and fiesta, but after uming and ahing through the afternoon, it just all seems like too much! I smile when I think of all the things I used to fit into a day!

The temple on the left, our organic garden on the right! Loads of remolacha (beetroot), lechuga (various kinds of lettuce), zapallo (lil squashs) and more yum veggies.

Our lunch: mostly from the garden, and the bread is made fresh here in an outdoor wood oven. Always also is a little bit of the offering to Krishna. Another interesting thing is that you are not allowed to taste anything in the kitchen or clean bowls that you've eaten from - as it shares the karma around. Not sure how they reason this with all the flies and bugs etc that are hopping between here a the compost and eco-toliets!

A lechuga haul
It's been 2 weeks since I've arrived at the yoga park – and even though I'm espousing the virtues of this life, in this time we've also forayed back to Buenos Aires for 3 days for a steady diet of wine, beer and of course meat to celebrate a birthday, and had many thoughts and discussions about the virtues of the yoga park we are staying at. Essentially it is a group of Hare Krishnas that split their time between the park and a center in town – there are about 15 in total, with usually half here at the park at any one time. They do music based meditation 5 times a day, and spend the other parts of the time teaching yoga classes (there is 1 a day here and more in town), preparing the food we eat, maintaining the place and doing other bits and pieces. They don't seem to specifically support any local groups or offer any particular 'service', it is more that they run and maintain the place and do their own practice. The park itself consists of a temple, kitchen, dorms/rooms, an 'art gallery', a bigger room called the 'cine' and the vegetable market garden – or huerta. Some of the other volunteers here have worked in other places; with orphanages, running schools, animal parks etc, and as a comparison I suppose this place feels a little inward facing and insular. It is beautiful, and a great place to think and relax, but it has started to feel a little meaningless.

I have made some great friends here though – and will be sharing an apartment with them in Buenos Aires to celebrate Xmas. Being back in BA though this week made me realise yet again that I really don't want to be in a city! But I'm torn between taking a spanish class for a week to brush up before heading down to Patagonia... and just making a move. Ah well the beauty of this travel is I can just let the plans evolve somewhat. We shall see what xmas brings.

As we've got Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, the States and Australia represented at Xmas, we thought we'd each do a dish and hopefully make use of our Parilla on the balcony to cook up a storm! I'm looking forward to celebrating together in the hot sunshine... certainly makes a change from the last couple of xmases in the cold! (although the snow is very pretty). So, Monday I head back to BA, and will be at La Bomba Del Tiempo (drumming group) so if anyone happens to be in BA – see you there!

Happy run up to xmas everyone and have a great time partying!
Us VERY happy back in BA - there's more pics on the album

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