Friday, June 15, 2012

Circling the stupa and falling for Boudha

I love it here. I love the kora rush hour, the sounds of horns, chanting and drums that ring throughout the streets from the 50 surrounding monasteries, the flowing burgundy and amber of the monks robes intermingling with the designs and colours of kurta and (tibetan clothing),  the glinting of the gold stupa in the afternoon sun, my favourite haunts of good food, good coffee, and beautiful gardens, that the holiness of this place is ingrained in nearly all who are there, the varied group of people that make morning prostrations, the type of travellers and students i've met here and just well being here.
4-6pm rush hour:)

At my hotel/Monastary

View from my room

Riding the rubbish truck!

I had intended to deepen my yoga practice in an ashram, but as it has turned out, staying nearly 2 weeks here has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to indeed practice yoga, but also attend teachings in tibetan buddhism, visit rinpoches and lamas, be inspired by the students of tibetan language, buddhism, visit monasteries, observe the activities surrounding the most auspicious day on the Buddhist calendar here and generally get a taste of boudhanath.

The teachings and conversations of the buddhist lineages here has been fascinating - i'm not looking to take refuge or find a lama, but i'm curious, feel a resonance with many of the concepts and ideas, and have had some special deep emotional experiences.
The yoga has been a welcome change too - I found a wonderful teacher - Amrita, who teaches in the Sivananda school, and also doing some deeper work with her too. At first I had wanted to find the more active school of yoga, but this more meditative, holistic experience has been right for me now. I do belive that I may have to look closer at proper education... there are some fascinating ties with the Buddhism and many other readings I've been doing over the last year.

So... i'm rushing as I'm leaving for a 10 day Vipassana Retreat this aftenroon - so I've got some pics from my iphone as my other camera trying it's best to get repaird.... and... some SOUNDS!

the monastery sounds are pretty awesome....


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Had a strong feeling you would really enjoy it there and will probably stay longer than planned? take care, Alex

  2. you're so right Alex - it was a beautiful place that once again I know is solidly in my heart for me to return...!!