Monday, May 21, 2012

A strange bandha serenity

Today is yet another bandha - protest/strike day in Nepal. The various political parties are arguing about the constitution that is being passed on 27 May. Workers stay home, schools are closed, all public vehicles are not allowed on the road, stones are laid /people lay down to stop any traffic, businesses are closed but yet curiously tourist buses (which i am now on) are allowed to pass and many of the services, restaurants for tourists are open still.

The big difference is though that everyone is out on the roads, walking but also resting, picknicking as such and just sitting. The air is free of pollution and it's serene and quiet due to lack of horns and inpart to power cuts.

Interesting, just as we were leaving Pokara we've had about 3 different groups ( with Police looking on) to check that we check are not carrying any Nepali people on board. We do actually - they are the trekking guides and they are hiding down the back of the bus!

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