Thursday, February 9, 2012

taste of peru

being back in peru has reminded me how delicious the food is here - tangy fresh ceviche, super spicy rocotto rellenos, seared succulent espada, juicy chewy pulpo con aceite de oliva, piping hot papa rellena, flavour punching anticucho, deliciously purple chicha morada and my favourite - tacuyaki topped with camarones (with a recipe I concocted for it!).

peruvian cuisine is a wonderful fusion of indigenous ingredients (i've never seen corn kernels this big!) and with an amazing selection of seafood, with spanish, african and asian influences and cooking techniques. there's also bbq'd cuy (guinea pig) - which are a typical tourist pull, however these are also eaten in small villages where you will see fat silky guines pigs at home on the kitchen floor.

alex treated me to a wonderful lunch of ceviche, crab empanda and perfectly grilled espada on tues after my final dental appointment, and these flavours reminded me of some delicious meals i've eaten scattered over close to 3 months here. as I'm on my way out, potentially for the last time (i'm writing this on the bus to Chile), i wanted to share with your tastebuds some of my favourite food memories of peru.

THIS is tacu tacu with camarones (prawns) - a rice/bean patty topped with succulent deliciousness (recipe)

Selection of Ceviche - with Pulpo (octopus) with olive oil at the back
One of my favourite fruits - pepino dulce - sweet cucumber!
Parihuela - a seafood soup - about $8 complete with lobster!
Pre-incan cooking - no oil whatsoever. And LOADS of corn and in this case, camote (sweet potato)
Amazing diversity of corn-  including colours. The purple are used to make chicha morada (see below) a purple corn drink
Jamon (ham) sandwich.
Seared tuna. Not really exciting but was AMAZING
A selection of nuevo causa - causa is a typical way of preparing potato. This was this restaurant's way of preparing it in a new version!
Grilled aspada (swordfish)  and Yuka (like a potato root) chips. See the big corn in the background?
An example of a simple salsa
Chicha morada - like a non alcoholic mulled wine made with purple corn
Rocotto Relleno - stuffed hot red peppers. Really hot. a delicacy from Arequipa
Anticuchos (grilled hearts) TASTY! served as street food a lot

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