Thursday, November 17, 2011

a hard day (month) of dentisting

Yes I know it's a little disgusting.. but check out that hole in my molar!  That was an old root canal from England, and the dentist here discovered an old piece of cotton he left 2 years ago. Que feo!
it's been a very long day and finally after one dentist attempting to start a root canal at 8am, hours of pain, conversations to my dentist in Cusco and memories of 3 weeks of visits to 7 dentists, finally at 6pm I've got 3 dead nerves in my back molar, and hopefully no more pain to come and an appointment for the full root canal on Friday.

it's my little rant but it's been a pretty emotional day after so many weeks of visiting and consulting, and what have I learnt?? especially when travelling in South America, WHEN YOU COME ACROSS A GOOD MECHANIC, MEDICAL PERSON OR MEET AN AWESOME BUNCH OF PEOPLE, CHANGE YOUR PLANS! For me, I should have stayed in Cusco with the dentist there instead of deciding to take my chances finding someone in Arequipa.

for those who ever need a dentist though... don't be scared off! they are generally pretty good here.... and a fair bit cheaper than for instance Chile and definitely Australia and Europe. A consultation costs about 13USD, and the root canal? 100USD A far cry from the 300pounds my dentist in the UK charged... I can definitely recommend someone fantastic in Cusco - Alfredo Chavez... here's proof of my luxurious experience there! Lets hope the clinic in Arequipa delivers on Friday...

hehe... my anasthesia is gradually wearing off, i'm not slobbering quite as much. Bring on a pain free night!

Snazzy treatment rooms in Cusco... Can recommend Alfredo Chavez happily!

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  1. Funny, like your pic with the tooth hole!!!

    P.S.: I like more to have Montezumas revenge than yout tooth pain!!!!